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สรุปคำสั่ง Arch linux


 view logs: /var/log/pacman.log

 update system
 # pacman -Syu

 list installed packages
 # pacman -Q

 list packages no longer required by others
 # pacman -Qdtq

 search installed packages
 # pacman -Qs <name>

 search packages
 # pacman -Ss <name>

 install packages
 # pacman -S <name>

 remove package, its dependencies and config file backups
 # pacman -Rns <name>

 clean old packages in cache
 # pacman -Sc


 same as pacman


 unit files: /usr/lib/systemd/system/ or /etc/systemd/system/

 list running units
 $ systemctl

 check status
 $ systemctl status <unit>

 start/stop a service
 # systemctl (start|stop) <unit>

 enable/disable a service at bootup
 # systemctl (enable|disable) <unit>

 reload systemd
 # systemctl daemon-reload

 manual install of AUR packages

 update repositories
 # pacman -Sy

 grab the package
 $ curl -O <url> (e.g.

 untar package
 $ tar xzvf <package.tar.gz>

 change into package directory
 $ cd <package>

 build and install
 $ makepkg -si

 java environments

 check status
 $ archlinux-java status

 set default version
 # archlinux-java set <version>

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